Thứ 6, 23/10/2015


From Oct 10 to Oct 14, West Food joined Anuga 2015 - The International Food and Drinks Trade Fair, whick took place at the Koelnmesse Exhibition Center in Cologne, German.

With the fame of a Vietnamese leading enterprise in agriculture export, West Food has obtained numerous achievements in the Anuga. At the Fair, West Food’s store attracted special attentionof customers from various countries, both traditional consumers and new ones due to good marketing and sale strategy.

West Food signed contracts valued millions US dollars with numerous trading partners from Europe and Asia.

By joiningthe Anuga 2015, West Food aimed at expanding the market and developing trade brand in Europe as well. With IFS certificate, West Food’s products can be easier to access European market through supermarket chains such asCasino Group, Metro Group.

Since 2014, thanks to FIT, West Food’s factories got more infrastructure investment such as new warehouses, production chains in order to increase their capacity and to meet customers’ growing demands.

Moreover, West Food has been considerably expanded with West Food HauGiang Compound Project, which is planned to commence on the 7 hectare ground with total investment nearly 1000 billion dongs. The project is expected to add up West Food’s high-quality product lines and prove our leading position in the agriculture export.

*Anugais the world’s largest and prestige food and drinks trade fair. It takes place every two years to launch new products as well as production trends in the food and drinks sector all over the world.

Anuga 2015 has about 6.500 booths from 100 countries and attracted over 150.000 customers. All of 16 Vietnamese entities joined the Fair are domestic leading enterprises in the food and drinks sector.




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